confused or clear, depressed or happy, struggling or relaxed

or neither, or altogether

awakening happens, regardless of states and beliefs

as if there's nothing personal about it, as if an ancient call for freedom answered

giving birth to a wave of change transforming everything in ways never imagined

a change with a wide range of expressions - all welcomed when there is compassion and an open mind

from the ancient teaching of Advaita, the Hindu nondual Self and the Upanishads, to Buddhism and Zen or the Tao

to Esoteric Christianity and Gnosticism, to contemporary flowers like Eckhart Tolle, Gangagi, and Mooji

to modern physics, the quantum universe, or fringe zero point novelties

from channeled material like A Course in Miracles and Ra, to "not so new" age spirituality

of starseed wanderers, frequency holders, and the extraterrestrial presence on this planet in this change momentum

are just a few random examples of what this little room hosts

as a friendly chat between people around this beautiful blue globe, spinning in vastness



and when all this is about to sound important

or silly even

is when what matters most, what truly matters

lies still in the silence

between two words